Our Process

Our Process

1 What Items are you looking for?

 We listen to you and gather the information about all your requirements.

How many people do we need to accommodate for your office space? How many rooms do you have? Do you need more seating or filing options? Do you have an ideal budget? We ask a lot of questions and make sure we understand exactly what your needs are. We are always able to find new, used, and refurbished furniture that falls within your budget.

2 We measure your space and come up with the most optimal layout.

We measure the space, taking into account every detail. The columns, where the electrical outlets are, the windows, the doorways, etc. Here are just some of the factors we consider when creating your Space Plan:

  • Doors & Windows
    • Needs for light and lighting
    • Location of electricity
    • Locations of any columns or radiators
    • Location and size of Copiers, Printers, etc.
    • Number of employees and how they work
    • Size requirements of each work area
    • Need for worker privacy
    • Need for employee interaction or teamwork
    • Filing needs
    • Location of bathrooms, hallways, entrances & exits

3 Finalize & Order

Revisions are easy, we will work with you until we get it right. Once your order is placed, we will contact you to schedule a date for the installation. We will remind you if an electrician or data personnel are needed on-site that day.

4 Deliver & Install

Our installation technicians are experienced in the assembly procedures for a variety of high quality office cubicle and panel systems, ranging from the individual office to multiple office projects. Thanks to years of training and experience, our staff is well versed in the installation of a variety of office furniture systems from hundreds of manufacturers.

  • Before we arrive to the job-site, we receive, inventory and inspect furniture at our warehouse.
  • We coordinate the right size office furniture installation team for the job – each with appropriate training in all manufacturers’ specifications.
  • When finished, our installers walk through the space to ensure everything is completed as planned. If anything is unaccounted for or incorrect, they will notate this information on a punch list, and forward to our CDS team to remedy.

5 Enjoy your new furniture

We are just as excited as you are to see the final product. Whenever you ever need to order more items, expand, or relocate, we are here to work with you again!

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